People who should not perform plastic surgery

There are no special requirements to perform plastic surgery because everyone can perform plastic surgery. Perhaps, we know the only restriction on the age of the patient and the patient’s health because it concerns their lives As we see in surgeons do not allow patients who have problems with their skin, it is not recommended to perform plastic surgery. In addition, older people with age 50 years and older had a greater risk of failure and experience of disability in plastic surgery. This is because the layer of their skin is not tight like when they were young and made of plastic that sticks to their skin can not be installed correctly.

For pregnant women are also not authorized to plastic surgery because if it is done could threaten the safety of the baby. Drug use can also affect development of the fetus and the baby could be born in abnormal conditions. Therefore, although we did not see any special requirements, we must pay attention to the little things that can make our plastic surgery fails and can not be implemented.