The top 3 negative impacts of alcohol toward your health

Alcohol is the main ingredient of various liquors which you can buy in either supermarket. The level of alcohol in the liquor is different. There are many types of drinks which are made from alcohol such as wine, whiskey, and beer. The alcohol has no color, in the form of a clear liquid, light, intoxicating character, gently to move and combustible. Regardless the types of alcohol, drinking the alcohol might cause the bad effects for your health and body. If you are getting addicted to the alcohol, you can visit Drug Alcohol Center California.

Today, there are many studies that argue that alcohol triggers some serious health diseases in which the negative impact can be born the people around; especially for your family. Here are negative impacts which you get if you drink the alcohol:

1. High blood pressure
Alcohol can interfere with the system of the sympathetic nerves, which has the function to regulate the blood system to shrinkage and widening blood vessels. This condition of the body is a reaction to stress and temperature change in the body.

2. Liver disorder

Drinking alcohol frequently can also cause liver disorders. Alcohol can trigger the liver to work harder when filtering fluids you drink. Therefore, the liver will swell and contain a lot of water. Based on several existing data, there are approximately 10% to 20% of patients with liver caused by alcohol.

3. Nerve damage

Alcohol is toxic to the nerve cells resulting in nerve damage, which called alcoholic neuropathy. It will cause the pain into locomotors, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, and the urgent desire to urinate immediately.

In short, drinking much alcohol is not good for you and will cause the serious health diseases. If you love drinking alcohol, it is time to stop your habit and make your live more valuable. Please contact Drug Alcohol Center California if you want to stop your habit.