Choosing between Juicer and Blender

A juicer is a tool used to produce fresh juice in concentrated form. This tool only produces juice, for the fibre, skin, seeds or fruits are not included in the final product (discarded). The materials used are not collected in the filter contained in the juicer. Once the juice is complete, the filter can be easily removed and cleaned of residue. The procedure is quite simple using a juicer and be an easy way to prepare drinks to accompany breakfast in the morning. However, juicer has some drawbacks. The fruit fibres that your body need are wasted together with the pulp. Moreover, it takes a lot more fruits and vegetables to make one glass of juice concentrated than it takes to make one glass of drink in a blender. Yet, the top rated juicers will produce quality drinks of the fruits and vegetables we will consume because we would only drink the extract of ingredients that put into the juicer.

Cleaning the juicer is also relatively more difficult than cleaning the blender. On the other hand, the blender is used to smooth solids into a powder, paste or finely shaped dough. With the quantity of the same fruit or vegetable, the blender will produce more quantity of product. However, nutritionists claim that fibres that also carried by blender results might be more difficult to be processed by digestion. When you are on diet, you will get less benefit from the fruits and vegetable that you blend in a blender because of the fibres that hard to digest. It will only waste immediately while juice from top rated juicers available at Juicermarket will produce juice that will take more time to digest thus the absorbing process will be perfect and give more health benefits. So if you want to get the full benefits of fruit and vegetable, you could get the top rated juicer at Juicermarket.